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17.5.07 19:03
Salut, ma petite! ^^ Je suis heureuse parce que j'ai finalement trouvé ton blog! Il est toujours difficile avec moi...
My dearest! In the beginning I thought we'd never "fit together" but now... You see, I'm very happy having met you and I'm always very happy when I meet you again. You don't have to be afraid because if you ever fall, there'll be an unexpected number of people who'll catch you again - myself included! with my muscles and my soul! Your "sister", Martha

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21.10.06 17:51
Believe me I know the feeling when you want to give up! But I also know you shouldn't. You're such a strong person. Stronger then you'll ever think possible. There's no need for you to resign. Please stay strong for me. I promise to be at your side when you're lonely. I promise to make you smile when you're sad. You're kind of idol for me because you've been fighting for your whole life. I couldn't imagine being without you again. You gave me that much power. It hurts to see you sad. I want you to know that I'll always be there for you. I can't describe how important you are to me because words can't describe. You always had an ear for me and my problems. You understood all my problems like nobody (accept my mum) ever did.
Please let me be the same for you.

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3.9.06 01:15
Huhu meine Große.
Ich hoffe du hälst noch weiter durch
& vielleicht kann dir dieser Blog ja helfen,
alles durchzustehen.
Lieb dich so unendlich doll.
Bist mir so verdammt wichtig.
Wir packen das!
Ragna *knutscha*

ich liebe euch <3

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